Intersolar India Conference

Join us on India's exciting solar journey in the next five years

Analysts and industry leaders will share their assessments on roof-top and large scale applications like Floating Solar, Agro PV and Grid Scale Storage. Energy storage is becoming a crucial element in the fast growing RE business and the emerging EV business in India. With growing integration of RE into the grid, managing the instability becomes a challenge and energy storage systems are preferred to stabilize the grid. Stay ahead of the competition and make sure you are on track with India's energy and mobility transformation.

This event is organized with assistance from industry and consulting experts who have significant exposure to the needs and aspirations of India's solar, energy storage and e-mobility stakeholders. The three-day conference is structured such that key stakeholders from the business and end user sectors get critical inputs, and get connected to relevant experts.

To drive these results, the event is designed to deliver effective intelligence on key themes, and facilitate optimal interactions between relevant stakeholders through detailed and customised networking sessions.


What is the Intersolar India Conference all about?

The Virtual Intersolar India conference provides strategic inputs in all the key aspects of the fast growing Indian solar, energy storage and EV ecosystem. The following are the key themes that will be covered at the conference:

  • Leap Frogging Module Outputs from 400W to 600 W - the fast changing technology landscape, the benefits and challenges
  • Role of RE in India's EV Transition
  • Uncompromising Quality Across the Value Chain: Only Guarantee to Maximize Returns and to Minimize Risks- Executive Panel Discussion
  • Environmental and Social Impacts of PV Projects
  • Enhancing ROI in Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar & Stabilizing the RE Dominated Utility Grid Through Storage
  • Agro PV and KUSUM in Doubling Energy Harvest and Income for Indian Farmers

How is Intersolar India Conference Unique?

  • Strategic intent - the conference is focussed on providing senior and top management with solar, energy storage and e-mobility insights and perspectives to take strategic decisions
  • Comprehensive coverage of all critical components in the value chain
  • An emphasis on real life case studies from successful companies
  • Dedicated sessions to showcase innovative startups
  • Dedicated networking
  • Held in the hub of solar, energy storage and e-mobility innovation, Bengaluru
  • The parallel exhibition showcasing a range of solar, energy storage and e-mobility products and solutions will add further value

Who Will Benefit from Attending The smarter E India Conference?

  • Entrepreneurs & businesses keen on starting or developing their electric vehicle business
  • Investors keen on identifying attractive solar, energy storage and EV opportunities
  • Corporates wishing to incorporate solar and energy storage solutions and electric vehicles in their fleet
  • Other stakeholders keen on understanding the strategic and commercial aspects of the Indian solar, energy storage and electric vehicle market