Dr. Arun Kumar

Job Title
CEO, Co-founder
Feynman Energy pvt. Ltd.

Introduction: Research Scientist & Program Management with 20 years of experience in IIT Roorkee, University of Puerto Rico, USA, Projects involving NASA and DoE via UPR during Post-doctoral Research. He has multiple technology patents, 52 publications, and has been active on the conference circuit. his entrepreneurial work has shown substantial impact to trigger and influence many projects in industry. Thus, he has built a corpus of knowledge and connections spanning end-to-end activities of the Battery Industry, with a refreshing generalist attitude.
Work Experience: I spent 5 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the United States and later 7 years as a battery scientist/lead scientist with different organizations including one of the world's top 7 battery manufacturing companies. During that time, I worked as a led for multiple clients, introducing new products and ensuring commercial success in the US. This has enabled him to contribute positively to the industry and drive innovation forward. Arun excels at establishing and attaining corporate objectives, all while successfully launching new technology to the market.

February 23, 2024Empowering India's Electric Mobility Revolution: Manufacturing Low-Cost Fe-based Cathodes and Safer Battery Solutions for Sustainable Electric Vehicles

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