ees AWARD 2023: Awards for Outstanding Innovations in the Storage Industry

Press Release – Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Munich/Pforzheim, June 13, 2023 – This evening, the ees AWARD 2023 was presented on a big stage at the International Congress Center München (ICM): The winners were Elestor and its LDES hydrogen bromine flow battery, FENECON with its Industrial L battery system, and SUNGROW POWER SUPPLY with its PowerStack ST500CP liquid cooling energy storage system. The ees AWARD 2023 was presented together with The smarter E AWARD, the Intersolar AWARD and the new additions, the Power2Drive AWARD and the EM-Power AWARD. The awards honor innovative products and projects of future-oriented companies that drive the success of the new energy world.

An international panel of experts reviewed the award submissions and selected three companies out of ten shortlisted contenders to be honored with the ees AWARD for their pioneering solutions. The winners were announced this evening at the International Congress Center München (ICM), along with the winners of The smarter E AWARD and the Intersolar AWARD. In addition, the EM-Power AWARD and the Power2Drive AWARD saw their debut. Anyone wanting to check out the award-winning technologies and speak to the award winners and finalists can catch them at The smarter E Europe at Messe München from June 14 to 16.

Winners of the ees AWARD 2023

Elestor (Netherlands): LDES hydrogen bromine flow battery
Elestor, a Dutch electricity storage company is a major innovator in the field of energy storage. Elestor's mission is to minimize storage costs with the help of hydrogen bromine in a durable, megawatt-range flow battery. The unique chemical composition could help to reduce lifetime storage costs by two to three times compared to lithium-ion systems, and even more significantly compared to vanadium flow batteries. Bromine can be extracted from seawater, making it a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to chemicals such as vanadium, which is used in many other redox flow batteries. With a round-trip efficiency of up to 75 percent and a service life of up to 25 years, the AC system developed by Elestor has been setting new standards for flow batteries. The panel was particularly impressed with the chemical composition, the low energy costs and the unique scalable design of this AC system that can contribute to a CO2-neutral future.

FENECON (Germany): FENECON Industrial L
FENECON is one of the leading innovative energy storage companies in Germany. Its integrated, scalable battery storage platform Industrial L enables an alternative use for surplus EV batteries as part of the energy market. With its high energy density and internal liquid cooling, the Industrial L achieves an output of 736 kilowatts (kW) and has a total capacity of 1.28 megawatt hours (MWh). The user-friendly design and the open source-based energy management FEMS enable a wide range of uses for Industrial L, such as in solar farms, electric car charging or powering industrial applications. During periods of low demand or part-load operation, the system can ramp down to run only one of eight inverters to improve efficiency and component life span. The panel was convinced: They praised the design, construction quality and the use of surplus and used EV batteries for a more sustainable energy storage solution.

SUNGROW POWER SUPPLY (China): Sungrow PowerStack ST500CP liquid cooling energy storage system
SUNGROW POWER SUPPLY from China is one of the world's leading manufacturers of solar inverters and battery storage systems. The new PowerStack ST500CP is a powerful modular energy storage system for commercial and industrial applications. It has an output of up to 250 kW and a storage capacity of between 537 and 1,146 kilowatt hours (kWh). The pre-installed design, the above ground cabling and the wireless control of the energy management system make for easy installation and commissioning, saving up to 60 percent installation time. Internal liquid cooling reduces the energy required for thermal management by 30 percent and keeps the temperature differences between individual cells at just ≤2.5°C. According to the manufacturer, this innovation reduces irregular cell aging and can extend the system’s life span by up to two years. The panel found this a compelling product innovation, and one of the winners of the evening.

Further information on the awards can be found here

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