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The smarter E India – Press Release

The cost of India’s solar power generation at lowest in Asia Pacific - Energy storage and EVs clear winners in union budget 2019

Bengaluru / Pforzheim / Freiburg, August 12, 2019

The cost of solar power generation in India has fallen to half the level seen in many other markets in the region due to extensive solar resource, market scale and competition. At the same time, the new budget aims to seize the opportunity in energy…


ees Global – Press Release

ees AWARD 2019: Innovative products and solutions win prestigious industry prize

May 15, 2019 – From virtual power plants to PV facilities to wind farms, renewable energy systems around the world are increasingly incorporating energy storage technology. The 2019 ees AWARD for pioneering products and solutions in this field goes to Blue Solutions SA, Enerox GmbH and…


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Dousing the Warming World for a Safe and Habitable Planet

The summer this year saw temperatures soaring to record levels across Europe with many places in France recording temperatures exceeding 45°C.  More than 1500 people were reported to have died due to the unprecedented heat wave.  In Germany, it was reported that demand for electric fans soured and shops in many towns ran out of stock. In India, the oppressive summer temperatures across the country have been worsening with 50°C summer peaks no longer making to the front page. Grimly, the last four years have seen the warmest summers in the recorded history. 

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The Smarter E(lectrical) Grid

Electricity is what makes our modern life possible. It provides comfort- lighting, cooling and heating in our homes and offices. It runs many of our modern transport systems, hospitals, schools, factories, and more importantly our computers and the internet. In short, the modern world and economy is inconceivable without electricity.  No wonder the per capita electrical consumption is an indicator of the prosperity levels of any country. 

The electrical infrastructure, the grid, makes all this possible and is one of the marvels of human ingenuity. It is ubiquitous and we take it for granted. It is a complex network of interconnected electrical networks and is characterized by three important elements: Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

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Expert Interview with Dr. Babu Chalamala, Head of the Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department and Laboratory Program Manager for Grid Energy Storage at Sandia National Laboratories

Read what Dr. Babu Chalamala, Head of the Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department and Laboratory Program Manager for Grid Energy Storage at Sandia National Laboratories, thinks about the latest developments and technologies in the energy storage sector.

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Expert Interview with Ashish Kumar, Head of Energy Storage business at Raychem RPG

Read what Mr. Ashish Kumar, Head of Energy Storage business at Raychem RPG, thinks about the development of energy storage.

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Expert Interview: Power Quality and the Emerging Grid in India

Read what Mr. Jayant Sinha, CEO of Ensource Consulting, thinks about Power Quality and the Emerging Grid in India.

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Video: Highlights of Intersolar India 2018

Have a look back at Intersolar India 2018 in Bangalore. Hear exhibitor voices, see exhibition scenes and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

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