Rail Travel

Western Railway, an important part of the Indian Railway system, serves the financial capital of India, Mumbai, along with almost entire area of Gujarat and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Today, 14 million people travelling per day by the Indian Railways, more than 6 million people travel per day on Mumbai Suburban section alone. Of the 2700 plus services run in Mumbai 1210 services which includes 753 twelve car services and one 15 carservice are run by Western Railway with a phenomenal frequency of 3 minutes during peak hours. Western Railway carries more than 3 million passengers per day. (Source: Western Railway)
Western Railway

Traveling from the Train Station to the Exhibition

The nearest railway station is Goregaon which is about 15 min away by the most popular three wheeler service and cost you about INR 20. From Goregaon station you can catch local trains to all parts of Mumbai or even catch express trains to major cities of India.