Why exhibit?

Your target customers with decision-making authority

  • Connect with 10,000+ business professionals from Pan India and 55+ further countries
  • Await top management visitors and key business connections
  • Reach your target audience of the India‘s key solar statesand the right buyers for your product
  • Participate at the Buyer Seller Forum free of charge and meet with potential customers to finalize lucrative deals onsite
  • Each year Intersolar India negotiates new partnerships with associations, non-profit organizations and governmental institutions to attract new potential high end business professionals from Pan India and globally

Top-notch information and an experienced exhibition organizer

  • Gain information on market trends and developments at the excellent Intersolar India Conference, workshops and trainings with more than 150 industry renowned speakers
  • Rely on an experienced exhibition organizer with 11 powerful years of industry knowledge in India
  • Benefit from Intersolar‘s global network: Intersolar India is part of the global Intersolar exhibition series with 30 years of experience