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Hans-Henning Judek

 Hans-Henning Judek
Job Title
President, CEO
Next Generation Solar Technologies Pte Ltd.

Hans is living in Japan since 1980 and has worked in the field of technology transfer. He has introduced multiple epoch-making base-technologies, like hydroforming, to the Japanese market.
Hans is a seasoned renewable energy professional, who has worked from 2005 to 2010 in the field of renewable fuels, for which he received The Top Innovation Award of the Asian Clean Energy Forum ACEF2005. In the following years he was frequently speaker at these events of the ADB< at the ACEF2018 four times.
Since the Fukushima incident in 2011 he has concentrated on the development of inexpensive floatation bodies for floating solar installations, namely for large and super-large installations.
For several years he has followed the development of a new type of energy storage, which is more suitable for large-scale fluctuating solar and wind power plants than lithium ion batteries. He is now pushing for baseload-capable solar and wind power in micro grids as well as transportable energy.