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Selna Saji

 Selna Saji
Job Title
Research Analyst
Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

Selna is an energy and environmental analyst focusing on renewable energy technologies. At The Council, she is working towards developing business models and tools for utilities that will help increase the adoption of solar rooftop in India. An avid believer of evidence-based policy making, she is interested in analysing renewable energy policies, and exploring the role of renewables in a circular and sustainable economy.

As part of her masters thesis, Selna interned at The Council and conducted a techno-economic analysis of innovative utility-led business models for accelerating the deployment of rooftop solar among residential consumers in Delhi. She has also worked on projects related to regulatory reforms for a circular economy, energy efficiency policies and techno-economic analysis, and life cycle assessment of renewables during her post graduate studies.