Thursday, November 28, 2019


10:30 am - 02:15 pm


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3rd ARE Micro-Grid Workshop

10:30 am
10:40 am

Welcome Remarks

Jens Jaeger, Policy & Business Development Manager (Asia-Pacific), ARE
Dr. Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director, Solar Promotion International GmbH, Germany

10:40 am
11:30 am

Setting the Context: Decentralised Micro-grids to Power Indias 21st Century Rural Economy

Objective: Indias Saubhagya scheme has greatly increased household electrification over the last years. However, the quality and reliability of the power supply still needs improvement, especially in rural areas and for businesses and productive end uses. This is where clean energy micro-grids can play a key role in offering 24x7 quality electricity supply. The keynote speeches will thus inform about the added value of micro-grids to complement the national grid to power the rural Indian economy.

- Sukla Chandra, Board Member, ARE & Managing Director, GE Licensing and Technology Ventures India

- Samit Mitra, Senior Director, Smart Power India
- Pranav Mehta, Chairman, National Solar Energy Federation of India
- Mohua Mukherjee, Programme Ambassador, International Solar Alliance

11:30 am
12:30 pm

Session I: Debate on Consumer Protection Principles for Clean Energy Micro-Grids in India

Objective: To debate the implementation of the Consumer Protection Principles initiative by ARE, AMDA, SmartPower India and Swedfund for clean energy mini-grids.

- Rahul Kumar Kandoi, Associate Director, Smart Power India

- Vijay Bhaskar, Managing Director, Mlinda
- Sunit Arya, Board Chairman & Director, Mera Gao Power
- Venkat Rajaraman, CEO, Cygni Energy
- Munawar Misbah Moin, Managing Director, Rahimafrooz
- Nikhil Murarka, Associate Director, Husk Power Systems

12:30 pm
01:30 pm

Session II: Demand Side Management to Ensure Long-term Micro-grid Sustainability

Objective: Demand-side management is the process of actively influencing electricity demand, so it matches electricity generation (supply). Traditionally stimulating demand in last-mile communities, as well as estimating demand from customers in areas without a history of using energy, have been two major hurdles to make micro-grid business models sustainable. This session will discuss and highlight, how demand can be stimulated via productive uses of renewable energy (PURE) and how demand can be managed via innovative solutions available in the market.

Moderator/intro speaker:
- Sasmita Patnaik, Programme Lead, CEEW


- Shyam Sundar, Head of Operations - India, Studer Innotec
- Vijay Bhaskar, Managing Director, Mlinda
- Satya Prakash Choubey, Associate Director, Smart Power India
- Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder & Director, Claro Energy
- Huda Jaffer, Lead Designer, SELCO

01:30 pm
02:15 pm

Session III: Data-driven Business Models for 21st Century Micro-grids

Objective: Over the past few years, a third generation of micro-grids have emerged, which in addition to power supply for lighting, leverage transformative technologies and innovative strategies to supply quality power for productive uses of energy. The typical third-generation micro-grid is grid-interconnection ready, while data plays a key role in all phases of micro-grid development, ranging from satellite imagery for site selection, to online platforms for fundraising and business model structuring to real-time data monitoring of system performance in post-commission stages. The session will thus show key innovations, which can help companies to build data-driven business models for 21st century micro-grids in India and will also discuss challenges in implementing such models in the Indian context.

- Rebecca Symington, Board Member, ARE & Trustee, Mlinda Foundation

- Ashok Das, Founder & CEO, SunMoksha
- Representative, ME.SOL Share
- Mukesh Khandelwal, Business Head, TARA Urja


As the exclusive Off-Grid Partner of Intersolar, the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) is partnering with Smart Power India to organise its third edition of the Micro-Grid Workshop at Intersolar India in Bangalore on 28 November 2019.

With the long-term objective to catalyse progress on SDG 7 for India, the workshop will provide an opportunity for project developers and technology providers to share knowledge and latest market developments regarding micro-grid demand side management, types of productive use of energy and data management, as well as to find business partners for existing or upcoming micro-grid projects in India. To showcase innovations from the sector, ARE will also unite Members and other key stakeholders in its Micro-Grid Pavilion located at stand C70 inside the Intersolar exhibition.

Background information
While the ‘Saubhagya' scheme of the Government of India has led to growth of centralised grid infrastructure for household electrification, the quality and reliability of electricity supply is still a challenge and can be improved by the help of micro-grids.

Especially distribution in rural areas is a problem causing many hours of brownouts, as underserved businesses therefore often rely on diesel generators for power generation. Because of their proven ability to offer 24x7 reliable and grid quality power with locally available renewable energies, clean energy micro-grids are a fit-for-purpose solution as they can complement the national grid by providing reliable power supply to households and even more importantly to power income-generating productive activities, such as welding and sewing machines, water treatment units and milk chillers. This in turn will support the long-term sustainability of micro-grid businesses creating a virtuous rural inclusive development cycle empowering local entrepreneurship and creating local jobs.

Going hand in hand with better understanding of productive uses of renewable energies and the demand side of micro-grids, powerful data acquisition and management tools are also emerging as key assets, which are expected to help shaping the decentralised renewable energy future of India and to ensure long-term sustainability of projects.

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