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The ideal opportunity for industry professionals to get up-to-the-minute information about emerging and established markets, exciting market developments, and innovative technological trends in their fields.

Access genuinely valuable information, quickly and easily, from top industry experts who are not just online to speak to you – they are on hand to answer questions and address comments from participants for a thoroughly interactive experience. Live question and answer sessions, in addition to viewer discussions and polls, are what make Intersolar webinars so impressive in terms of instant learning results. Our handpicked lecturers are leaders in their specialist fields, with in-depth knowledge of the markets and technologies driving the industry forward.

Registration is limited to a set number of participants, so act now! By the way: All participants have full access to the learning materials used in the webinars.

Here you will find an overview of the past webinars of Intersolar, ees and EM-Power. If you are interested in webinar material, please click the following link for registration.
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Expert Interview with Ashish Kumar, Head of Energy Storage business at Raychem RPG

Read what Mr. Ashish Kumar, Head of Energy Storage business at Raychem RPG, thinks about the development of energy storage.

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Expert Interview: Power Quality and the Emerging Grid in India

Read what Mr. Jayant Sinha, CEO of Ensource Consulting, thinks about Power Quality and the Emerging Grid in India.

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The Smarter E(lectrical) Grid

Electricity is what makes our modern life possible. It provides comfort- lighting, cooling and heating in our homes and offices. It runs many of our modern transport systems, hospitals, schools, factories, and more importantly our computers and the internet. In short, the modern world and economy is inconceivable without electricity.  No wonder the per capita electrical consumption is an indicator of the prosperity levels of any country. 

The electrical infrastructure, the grid, makes all this possible and is one of the marvels of human ingenuity. It is ubiquitous and we take it for granted. It is a complex network of interconnected electrical networks and is characterized by three important elements: Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

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