Anand Deshpande

  • Graduate of Electronics & Telecom Engineering of Pune University in 1992
  • Working in Automotive Research Association of India, Pune since August 1992.
  • Currently working as Senior Deputy Director and Head of Automotive Electronics Department & ARAI’s Centre of Excellence on E-mobility
  • Responsible for development and evaluation of automotive electronic embedded systems for EMI/EMC, environmental conditions, performance etc.
  • Responsible for electric vehicle development, testing, evaluation, policy / standard development
  • Worked on development of first prototype of electronic engine management system for passenger car in 1992-93
  • Worked on development of number of test instrumentation development systems / software for automotive industry
  • Led establishment of state-of-art EMI/EMC test facility and evaluation test facility for automotive electronic systems at ARAI
  • Member of Society of Automotive Engineers, Society of EMC Engineers