The smarter E India – India’s innovation hub for the new energy world

With three parallel energy exhibitions, The smarter E India is India’s innovation hub for the new energy world. It presents cross-sector energy solutions and technologies and reflects the interaction of the solar, energy storage and electric mobility industry. The smarter E India addresses all the key areas along the value chain and brings together local experts and international stakeholders in the energy future. Starting in 2019, The smarter E India will bring together the renowned Intersolar India, ees India and Power2Drive India. The exhibition trio will take place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in the capital state of Karnataka on November 27-29, 2019.

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The smarter E India: Quick Facts

DateNovember 27-29, 2019
Opening Hours10:00am-6:00pm | Tuesday
10:00am-6:00pm | Wednesday
10:00am-5:00pm | Thursday
LocationBangalore International Exhibition Centre, 10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post, Dasanapura Hobli Bangalore, 562 123, India,
ExhibitionsIntersolar India, ees India, Power2Drive India
ConferencesIntersolar India Conference, ees India Conference
Conference Delegates1,000+

The energy world is changing

The transition to renewable energy, decarbonization and digitalization is bringing lasting changes to the energy world. The old system was static and centralized, with just a handful of large-scale fossil fuel and nuclear power plants supplying consumers with energy. A new, decentralized system is now emerging which relies primarily on photovoltaics and wind power and has many more active participants. An increasing number of homeowners and companies are becoming prosumers – generating, consuming and storing their own energy. In addition, the previously separate sectors of electricity, heating, cooling and mobility are becoming more and more interconnected.

It’s all about sector coupling

Sector coupling is also helping to enable rational, climate friendly utilization of excess wind and solar power. There is a growing trend for charging electric vehicles using solar power from the owner’s own roof and, as a next step, integrating these vehicles’ batteries into the grid to help with stability and load shifting. The foundation and driving force of this new energy world is the process of digitalization, and the rapidly evolving possibilities, which it offers for gathering, exchanging and storing data. For example, blockchain technology can help us achieve greater efficiency and transparency alongside lower prices when marketing solar power, even locally in small quantities, or combining battery storage systems to form virtual power plants.


Renewables in India are on a rise

The current developments in the energy industry and power generation are also recognizable in India. The power segment is undergoing huge changes because of the government's move towards renewable resources. In India, a target to install 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 was set by the Government in July 2018. This means in detail 100 GW from solar power, 60 GW from wind power, 10 GW from bio-power and 5 GW from small hydropower. The rise in electricity consumption and increasing awareness towards environmental issues are both supporting alternative and eco-friendly power generation solutions.

Three energy exhibitions at one place

The smarter E India takes place in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, on November 27–29, 2019 and unites the following events:

  • Intersolar India – India’s most pioneering exhibition and conference for the solar industry
  • ees India – India’s leading electrical energy storage exhibition
  • Power2Drive India – India’s premier exhibition for electric mobility and charging solutions


Karnataka – the perfect place for driving the new energy world forward

Karnataka is Indians number 1 solar market and the first Indian state to launch a specific EV and energy storage policy. The state of Karnataka is therefore the perfect location for developing solar, energy storage and e-mobility business opportunities in India.


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