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Dr. Adarsh Nagarajan

Dr. Adarsh Nagarajan
Job Title
Manager Power System Design and Planning, Power Systems Engineering Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Dr. Adarsh Nagarajan is the Manager of the Power Systems Design and Planning Group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) where he leads NREL’s strategic research in the design and planning of electrical power systems. He is also a Principal Researcher with deep expertise in: emerging technologies research on distribution systems, especially those associated with energy storage and DERs. His experience encompasses computer modeling of power systems; grid integration of distributed energy resources (DERs); modeling, control, and monitoring of energy storage systems; and the design, system integration, control and dynamics, protection, and seamless grid integration of low-inertia systems (microgrids). He has authored over thirty technical publications. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and is active in standards creation. Dr. Nagarajan received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2014, from Arizona State University.